Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tui Team Homefun Club

Tui Team Homework Club

To help our students become more responsible about completing homework tasks and remembering to bring homework to school on the due date, the Tui Team has implemented a Friday“Homework Club” during break times, for students who have not completed or who have forgotten their homework to get it done. Students are still able to eat and are not expected to spend the whole break time in the club. We have already found after two weeks that children are getting better at self management, and understanding the importance of completing tasks set for home.
 We know there are weeks when things come up and students are not able to get their homework done for one reason or another. Please either email your child’s classroom teacher or pop a note in their homework book explaining this, and that you would appreciate them being excused from homework club.

Tips to help your children become more independent about homework:
- Provide a break between getting home from school and starting their homework
- Set aside a certain time and place specifically for homework
- Let your child’s teacher know early on in the week if there are parts of the homework that are not clear for your child

- Your child will ALWAYS have homework, unless you receive notification otherwise.

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