Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 2

The week that was......

This week we had Stu come in and teach us some golf skills. We had such an awesome time learning how to hold a golf club correctly, how to hit the ball both softly and with a bit of force and also working together. We are lucky enough to have Stu come in every Wednesday to teach us! Check out the photos below!


Well done to everyone's efforts in mathletics this week. It is really impressive to see so many of you aiming high and reaching well above your required score of 1000 points. Well done! Also, congratulations to Kya for not only making it on to the leader board this week for her first time but for also being our Mathlete of the week! Second shout out to Brianna for her first time on the leader board. Top job everyone!


  1. oh good brianna kya and spencer its good your trying your best

  2. come on kya you are doing you best well done

  3. come on mathletics winner its good that you are the tree winers