Friday, May 27, 2016

Week 4

This week Room 15 started our their science inquiry. We started brainstorming about what materials are found in our classroom, both natural and man-made. We then started collaborating together to create a slide show on these materials. The materials we came up with were wood, metal, plastic, wool, magnets and glass. The students have been working hard on researching these materials in preparation for their presentations! Check out the photo's below of our groups working together!

Mathletes of the week

Well done Miss Kya! An exceptional effort in Mathletics this week as she made a new record for herself and the class! Her score is one of the highest scores in Mathletics for Room 15 this year! Also, an extremely well done to Shiloh for making the leader board for the first time this week! Great job everyone!


  1. great job kya keep up the good work

  2. Well done on 10,612 points Kya! You have achieved your goal on Mathletics!


  3. good work kya good job

  4. well done shiloh you are on the mathlet bored.

  5. I really liked doing that inquiry slide show!