Friday, June 17, 2016

Week 7 - A very successful week!

This week Room 15 had the daunting task of presenting their speeches. The topics were well researched and presented excellently. It was so neat to see the enthusiasm and passion surrounding the topics as the children presented. They all did fantastically well and be super proud of themselves! Ka pai!

Tui Team Celebration
On Friday afternoon, the Tui team had a celebration to share all the fascinating and interesting learning that has been going on. Room 15 shared our inquiry Triorama's that we are so proud of. Take a look below!

Mathletes of the week


  1. Well done Mathletes! You all did an OUTSTANDING job! (*10x clap*)

  2. And a well done to the Tui team!

    - Ashton

  3. good job kya well done

  4. everyone did amazing
    well done tui team!

  5. Aunty is very proud of your mathletics achievement Kya...go the math whiz!